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Why Failed Relationship

Why Failed Relationship

Don’t Rely On Physical Attraction


Don’t Rely On Physical Attraction

The Red Tea Detox

Relying On Physical Attraction is the most basic secret we need to know, and it comes into play even before the relationship starts out — and yet still too many of us still make the mistake of judging men by their looks. I knew I used to do it, especially after a few martinis 🙂

It’s easy to fall in love with good-looking men, and many of us make the mistake of actually trying to MAKE the relationship happen. And it’s amazing how great the lengths we go through to make him love us — but with little or no success.

It goes both ways, too — many of us spend so much time trying to look good to the men we meet. And to an extent, it works — the right makeup, the right outfit, the right hairdo can equate to more men asking for your number.

Remember Britney Spears? When she first came out, she was the darling of men all over the world. Everybody LOVED her.

Don’t rely on physical attraction. It’s enough to get things started, but it’s NEVER enough to get him to the altar!

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