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Why Failed Relationship

Why Failed Relationship

Go Where the Emotional/Intellectual Chemistry Leads You

Now HERE’S the type of attraction that you should be looking out for.

This is the type of attraction that goes beyond physical. It can be one of two things — intellectual or emotional.

Intellectual attraction is when you feel attracted to the way a man thinks. It often goes like this — you’ve known a guy for a while, but you’ve never felt attracted to his average height, average looks, and average career.
But once you sat down with him one-on-one, and discovered how INTERESTING and WONDERFUL he really is in person — you immediately feel a deep attraction for him.

That’s intellectual attraction at work — and that’s one of the two keys to a relationship that lasts forever!

The second key to a relationship is EMOTIONAL attraction.
In simpler terms, emotional attraction is simply FALLING IN LOVE.

Sure, you can “fall in love” with a guy’s looks. But again, that’s just PHYSICAL. That’s just EXTERNAL. And when you fall in love with a guy’s looks, it’s not really “love” — it’s just infatuation. And it never lasts, if that’s all there is.

Here’s another thing you’ll want to keep in mind — you don’t DECIDE to fall in love. You don’t CHOOSE to fall in love. It just happens. And when it happens, you just KNOW it. You feel it in your gut, and no one can take it from you.

If you’re attracted to a man both emotionally and intellectually, and if he feels the same way for you — then congratulations! You can make the first step to form a relationship that can stand the test of time!


Emmanuel X.

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