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Why Failed Relationship

Why Failed Relationship

How To Choose A Successful Life Partner


How To Choose A Successful Life Partner

choosing a life partner is one of the toughest decision to make as a human because we are talking about two different persons coming together to become one. Remember these two people are also from a two different background. their upbringing is different and so their sense of reasoning will definitely be different too.

Why choosing a life partner can be difficult is because we as human are easily carried away by a lot of distractions and that is why we fall into a wrong marriage. Sometimes we tend to forget that marriage/choosing a life partner is not a thing to quickly jump into because if for one reason or the other we rush into it, we will definitely rush out of it.

The Good News is that it is easy to choose a life partner that will last forever and so is difficult. WHY? the reason is that every human has got what I called “Discernment Spirit” and this discernment spirit helps us to actually make the right decision when searching for a life partner.

Sometimes your discernment spirit could be telling you that this man/woman has a very bad attitude but because she’s beautiful or because he’s handsome then, we decided to ignore how deadly those things can be for our marriage and they could be the genesis of a failed marriage.

Choosing a wrong life partner could be a nightmare that will tear you apart if not applying knowledge and understanding into it because as a human we are going to act as one when we face a lot of challenges when it comes to marriage but if proper wisdom and understand is been applied then, the remedy to that problem will surface.

Marriage is a beautiful thing only if you understand why you are in it at first! because not everyone knows why they are in. Some could be as a result of lust affection while some are in as a result of the influence from their peers. but if you truly know why you are in at first then, you will understand what it is to be in marriage and the loopholes of choosing the wrong partner will be far from you.

There is 3 Important reason you should know when thinking of marriage/choosing a life partner.

  • Marriage is a VOW.
  • Marriage is a journey that is meant to be forever between 2 partners except deaths do them apart.
  • Marriage is for worse and better.

Now, a lot of us don’t always take this 3 things so serious and that is why we ended up with the wrong partner and that is why today we have a lot of divorce in our society today. If we really think about this important factors surrounding marriage then we will be patient enough to understand who our partner is before taking a step further into a lifetime agreement.

Getting a life partner has nothing to do with beauty, love or a materialistic thing. because someone can be beautiful but has zero quality of a good partner that is right for you. imagine a woman/man whose anger can bring down a brimstone of fire and yet, you feels that’s the right person for you! someone you already know that every little mistake you do causes an anger within or loving someone because you are sexually attracted to him or emotionally lust over him could make him or she is the perfect partner? You can love someone and yet still have a nightmare with your marriage because of some factors that are stronger than love itself.

If you truly take this 3 important things into consideration then, you will be careful enough to choose a life partner. because you will feel that violating thing 3 things could mess your life up for many years if not for the rest of your life. no one is ready to destroy what he or she has used his lifetime to build just in a single moment.

In Conclusion:

Always take time to study your partner, understand him/her and try as much as you can to make him or her your best friend in all ramifications of your life before taking that stronger and deeper steps of life called “Marriage/choosing life partner” coz it save you from the future nightmare of life.

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