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Why Failed Relationship

Why Failed Relationship

How To Get Back An Ex With Looks Alone


How To Get Back An Ex With Looks Alone

Did you lose your boyfriend or your girlfriend for a temporary reason that in hindsight is completely ridiculous? Even if the only thing special about you is how you look, or how you would like to look, you can get him or her back if you take the right actions and make the right moves. This is a guide on how to get back an ex with looks alone. Even if you do not have a lot else going for you, you can learn how to get an ex back with looks alone, and this is how:

1 – First and foremost, dress nicely. Your ex is not going to want to get you back if you are dressing like a slob, or like you simply do not care. Dress in a way that accents your best features. Don’t dress sluttish or in a way that is overdone, but accent your features, make yourself look good, and let your ex really and truly notice you for the first time in a while.

2 – Allow yourself to be flirty with your ex, but not too flirty. You can wink at him or her, or offer a sweet smile, or send flirty notes through your friends as messengers, but make sure not to overdo any of these methods of flirting, otherwise, you may end up coming on too strong.

3 – Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff a little. Exercise good posture and walk tall and in a sexy manner. If you slump and act depressed when you are around your ex, he or she will figure out that you are feeling desperation about the break-up. Swing your hips, accentuate your body, and really give your ex the indication that you are still extremely desirable.

4 – Give things some time, because your ex may come to their senses over time. In fact, they often come to their senses much sooner than you would think, provided that you play things cool and let nature take its course.

5 – Remember, above all else, that a break up is a break-up. If he survives through all of the things that have happened in the past, all you need to do is ask for another chance at romance. Breakups are not forever. Breakups do not have to be permanent, so just let the worries fade away and work on figuring out how to repair the relationship so that you can give it another go.
Even if your relationship is based on looks alone, this does not mean you cannot repair things and get your relationship going again with your ex. Learning how to get an ex back with looks alone is not impossible, at least as long as you follow the tips mentioned above.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Elize Rr

    September 18, 2018 at 1:12 am

    Seems this is serious with that person! You got it bad! ☺️ that’s great! Connections are special ties. They rattle people to unearth their talents and abilities! Great advice! But if you have to go great lengths to get the ex back, then maybe there is really something there, from the ex too!☺️ i suggest though, after all the grooming, offer your pure heart. And give it with No expectations, no desperation–just the simple intent of wanting to make ex happy. Nothing else. It is the highest vinration of love. Just treat as a practice of courage to persevere about your desires, to tell the universe you want to give and receive love instead of not putting yourself out there to get it! Nothing comes to those who hide in their caves☺️

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