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Why Failed Relationship

Why Failed Relationship

Learn To Speak His Language


Learn To Speak His Language

Communication is the most important part of any friendship or relationship between two people and that is why I’m going to be talking about it. — in accordance to how a man’s mind works.

I can’t emphasize it enough, actually — communication is VERY important in any relationship. Too many relationships fall apart because of a simple miscommunication.

There are two things about communication you’ll need to know about:

  1. Time. It’s important to set aside some time, preferably twice a week, to sit down and talk with each other. It’s the “lubricant” of the relationship, and it keeps things moving smoothly.
  1. Understanding. You’ll NEED to know how a man’s mind works first before you can hope to understand him. And the more you know how he thinks, the more you’ll understand how he acts.

(And the more you understand how he acts, the fewer arguments and misunderstandings there’ll be to threaten the relationship!)

It’s extremely important to know how he thinks about things. The more you understand him — and the more you can communicate to him at his level — the fewer problems you’ll have to deal with throughout the life of the relationship!

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